Friday, June 12, 2009

The Answer to Rapid Results in Network Marketing or MLM is Duplication

Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (verbally quoted as MLM) businesses are networks of people who efficiently work on building the same business platform. There is a common characteristic which runs through all successful Network Marketers. The common principle they have used is that of ‘duplication’. Duplication is an absolute key of success in Network Marketing and MLM. Well, take a deep breath and listen to this:- This means that should the network marketers not possessing this key ability to duplicate their efforts, their network marketing business is guaranteed to fail!

Your Success Rests on the Power of Duplication

Duplication is one of the first (core) principles that any MLM leader (who wants to be
successful) will teach to their downline organization. With that said and understood, aanother key success principle in MLM is that YOU absolutely must help others to succeed first. Isn't this a fair deal?

Case Study: A Working Example -

Lets share a working example of duplication in practice.
Any active network marketing business owner will face with this scenario at some point or later in their MLM business / career. Say, the network marketer contacts one of their contacts (prospects) to discuss the idea of the prospect becoming a MLM business owner, and the prospect responds with “Yes, that sounds good, but, are you making any money?”

Now, how should the network marketer respond to this question?

You will SEE that we don’t know if the network marketer in this example
is brand new to the business OR is incredibly successful. In either case, the response is critical. What you see is, we teach by doing. In MLM business, people NEED to be able to duplicate your efforts.

So, the wrong response would be “Yes, I’m making such xxx thousands of dollars a month and it’s great, you should really look at it!” Why is this ANSWER wrong? Quite simply, it can't be duplicated. The new network marketer will not be able to say this to their own prospects, at least not honestly.

The correct response would be “My upline team (leaders) are incredibly successful, they have developed large network organizations and we are working together to find more like minded people (buisness partners) to work with”. SO, Why is this correct? Again, very simple, this can easily be duplicated! The new network marketer can use this exact same technique/method in their business.

This is just one working scenario/case study/example, of course, there are many other situations where duplication and the ability to duplicate need to be considered. The principle of duplication must be taught very early on in the MLM business owner’s career if they WANT to SUCCEED. ONCE you have ESTABLISHED (BUILT) this FOUNDATION TECHNIQUE, you will definitely ACHIEVE and SEE rapid growth in your own network marketing organization.


The key to success in ANY network marketing and MLM is DUPLICATION. It is also in the ability to teach duplication in a recommended system that is EASY, SIMPLE and PRACTICAL. Teaching this principle from the start will help your network organizationto grow and duplicate fast. Helping others to become successful in this technique is FIRST and FINAL KEY to building large network marketing organizations.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MLM Report: The Great News

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